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Complete Guide to Bullfrogs

This site is all about African bullfrogs, American bullfrogs, and bullfrog tadpoles.

The bullfrog is an aquatic frog that often lives in large, permanent bodies of water such as lakes, swamps, or ponds.

They like to stay in slow moving or stationary water in warm weather, but they can be found all over from the east coast to the west coast. The female bullfrog can lay as many as 20,000 eggs in one clutch, which hatch in 3-5 days.

The metamorphosis from a tadpole to an adult bullfrog can take anywhere from a few months to 3 years in northern areas. The lifespan of a bullfrog in the wild is up to 8-10 years, but pet bullfrogs in captivity have been known to live up to 16 years.

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