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Bullfrog Diet

Bullfrogs are among the largest frogs found anywhere in the world, much larger, in general, than almost any other frog species. Some Bullfrogs weigh as much as four pounds, or more and all Bullfrogs have voracious appetites. They like to eat – almost anything.

Bullfrogs Have Large Mouths

In fact, all Bullfrogs are endowed with large mouths and very large, sharp teeth which they use to devour prey. The typical Bullfrog has an extensive and varied diet and eats the standard frog fare which includes all kinds of insects, worms and other small invertebrates like crayfish.

Bullfrogs Eat Many Things

The Bullfrog, however, eats many more things, as well. These include small mammals, birds, snakes, turtles, field mice, frogs of competing species, even smaller Bullfrogs. It’s true. Large Bullfrogs will attack and consume smaller Bullfrogs because Bullfrogs, in general, are cannibalistic. They eat their own kind.

Bullfrog Cannibalism

While cannibalistic traits are not completely uncommon in the animal kingdom, they are not overly common, either. It happens in relatively few species. The Bullfrog is a member of one of those species and this wild amphibian can do it because it is a lethal predator that is always stronger than its prey. It is also a superb hunter. The Bullfrog rests all day, usually under some kind of cover.

Bullfrog Hunting

When night falls, it leaves its protected resting place and comes out to hunt. The Bullfrog is very patient and will sit quietly in one spot waiting until prey passes by. At the right moment, the Bullfrog uses it incredible leaping ability (it can leap from three to six feet) to attack its unsuspecting victim. With its wide mouth gaping and open, it pounces on the smaller, weaker prey and begins to swallow what it has captured.

It’s an effective strategy (an instinct, of course) and it has helped the Bullfrog to thrive and prosper in most of its habitats throughout North America.

Bullfrogs as Pets

Bullfrogs make good pets, too. However, captive Bullfrogs live a much different lifestyle than Bullfrogs that live and roam free in the wild. Bullfrogs in the wild will tend to eat more than they need or want. It is almost as if they can’t help themselves. If prey passes by, they will pounce on it and consume it.

Pet Bullfrogs eat much less than wild Bullfrogs and their diet is less varied, as well. As a rule, captive Bullfrogs are generally fed about every other day if they are fully mature, every day is they are younger. And their diet consists of insects, like crickets, worms and small, dead mice. Naturally, these food sources are readily available at any pet shop.

There is one more thing you need to know, especially if you have a pet Bullfrog. All Bullfrogs tend to eat less when the weather turns cold. This animal is an amphibian. It enjoys – and prospers – in warm weather.

Moreover, the Bullfrog whether it’s an African Bullfrog or an American Bullfrog or any other kind of Bullfrog is considered to be a good pet. If you’re thinking about getting a pet, a small, easy-to-handle pet, you may wish to consider buying a Bullfrog.