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Bullfrog Habitat

Bullfrogs are one of the most common and prominent amphibians in all of North America. Originally found only in the eastern part of the North American continent, from Canada all the way down to Florida, the species now exists – and thrives – in all forty-eight states of the United States and in most of Canada, as well.

Habitat of a Bullfrog

Bullfrogs are among the largest of all frog species and, as is the case for many types of frogs, live in permanent freshwater habitats. These include a variety of domiciles, everything from ponds, rivers and lakes to reservoirs, ditches, irrigation canals and more.

Importantly, this species is able to live in both deep and shallow water. American Bullfrogs tend to live a quiet existence during daytime, when the sun is high in the sky. During these times, Bullfrogs hide under vegetation, overhanging banks at the water’s edge or they sit and rest in shallow water.

Bullfrog Tanks

For those with pet bullfrogs, choosing a tank shouldn't be a difficult process. It's simple - go big! It is recommended by many to have at least a 100 gallon tank for an adult bullfrog. Bigger is better when considering bullfrog tanks.

Bullfrogs at Night

The Bullfrog lives differently after the sun goes down. At night, it hunts all manner of prey and also uses its “bellowing” call to seek out females. Bullfrogs are good hunters and extremely carnivorous. They will eat virtually anything they can fit into their mouths.

American Bullfrog Diet

The American Bullfrog diet consists of insects, small mammals, fish, small birds, bats and more, including other frogs, eggs and tadpoles. It has amazing leaping ability and a willingness to allow prey to pass before it as it sits quietly and motionless, two traits that make the American Bullfrog a very successful predator.

Bullfrogs are Territorial

Bullfrogs are extremely territorial, as well. An adult male will fight other males that invade its territory which is generally no more than several yards in total. The fighting consists of a kind of “wrestling.” Interestingly, during battle, many Bullfrogs will try to gouge one another with their “thumbs.” Some may even attempt to hold a foe under water (almost like a human being would do), but will eventually release the defeated foe and allow him to leave the area.

Warm Weather Preference

Bullfrogs prefer warm weather and are active primarily in spring and summer. When fall arrives, Bullfrogs burrow into mud or soft soli to hibernate and remain buried until the arrival of spring. Bullfrogs that live in the South or warmer Western climates may remain active all year long.

Bullfrog Croaking

Bullfrogs are universally known for the “croaking” sound they make which they use, of course, to locate other Bullfrogs, especially females. This bellowing sound is one of the most famous sounds in all of the Animal Kingdom.

A Difficult Life

Life is difficult for the Bullfrog, even in its own habitat. It has to fight to survive at every stage. The struggle begins when it is only an egg, one of 20,000 eggs that have been laid by its mother. The fight moves on to the next stage when it becomes a tadpole and easy prey for bigger, stronger predators. When the Bullfrog finally reaches maturity, against all odds, it must fight to protect its territory, fight to capture prey and fight to live out its lifespan, a period thought to be somewhere between 4 to 5 years, somewhat longer in warmer climates.