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Pet Bullfrogs

While the idea of buying a Bullfrog and keeping it in your home as a pet may sound exotic and “different,” it can also end up being more troublesome than you think.

Adult Bullfrogs as Pets

Adult Bullfrogs are aggressive, carnivorous, cannibalistic and loners. They don’t get along well with other pets, even with other frogs. In fact, an adult Bullfrog will eat anything it can fit into its mouth, even a smaller frog from a different species, even a smaller Bullfrog.

Pet Bullfrog Cost

Bullfrogs are not expensive. You can buy them for a few dollars at most pet stores. However, it may prove costly to find and pay for the proper habitat. In fact, an adult Bullfrog needs to be put into a tank that is at least 100 gallons large or even larger. That’s a big tank and it could be costly. It could also be difficult to find a suitable place to keep it in your home.

Pet Bullfrog Tank

Once you’ve purchased the Bullfrog and its new home, you will need to “dress it up” by segmenting it into two different sections that kind of replicates the Bullfrog’s environment in the wild.

The huge tank should be segmented in the following way: one-third to one-half of it should be “land,” filled with soil, bark and fake or live plants. A small section of plastic or some similar material should be used to separate this soil section from the remainder of the tank which needs to be filled with water.

Decorating a Bullfrog Tank

You can “dress up” the water section with gravel or larger rocks and, importantly, arrange this section so that your Bullfrog can enter and exit the water easily. You can also add a few live plants to this section and you should add Amphibian water conditioner, as well.

Pet Bullfrog Food

That’s the easy part. Feeding your pet Bullfrog may not be as pleasant as you want. Bullfrogs are carnivorous and need to eat the same things they consume in the wild. So you will have to buy such “food” items as crickets, earthworms, spiders, minnows, smaller frogs of competing species, other types of bugs, even an occasional baby mouse. And you will have to feed these items to your pet Bullfrog.

Pet Bullfrog Vitamins

It is also a good idea to feed vitamin supplements to your pet Bullfrog. You can do this by sprinkling “Prime” on the crickets or other bugs you drop into the tank. Remember: don’t give your pet Bullfrog a friend to share the tank. It is predatory and aggressive and it will eat anything it finds in the tank. It is a loner, a cannibal and it has no friends.

Do Bullfrogs Make Good Pets?

So does a Bullfrog make a good pet? The answer to that question rests with you. If you don’t mind buying strange food items and feeding them to your Bullfrog, it can be a good pet. Of course, you can’t take a Bullfrog out for a walk in the park. You can’t play with a Bullfrog, can’t do much of anything but watch it eat. In a way, it’s the same thing you would do if you bought fish and an aquarium.